PR. Mette Berger

Intensive care physician and associate professor in the Lausanne University Hospital, with an anesthesiology background, specialized in burn care and in clinical nutrition. Coordinator of the Lausanne burn centre. Associate Editor of Clinical Nutrition.
MD degree from the Lausanne School of Medicine, and medical PhD from the Umeå University, Sweden. Training in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine at the CHUV, with intermittent fellowships in Stockholm, Sweden and Sydney, Australia. Training in nutrition in Nancy, France.
Research in clinical nutrition, micronutrition, and major burns. She developed the concept of maximal tolerable energy deficit during the ICU stay. She has conducted randomized trials with micronutrients in major burns, and combined enteral and parenteral nutrition in general ICU patients. Indirect calorimetry enables an individualized care in patients with insufficient or failing enteral feeding: the results show that combined feeding to measured goal reduces infectious complications and costs, due to an improved immune response.
She belongs to ESPEN’s ICU guideline group, and to ESICM’s MEN- metabolism and nutrition working group, which she chairs. She belongs to the ICALIC (Indirect Calorimetry in the ICU) working group to enable individual adaptation and monitoring of feeding targets.
Lecturing worldwide in 4 languages. Teacher for the LLL-ESPEN training program.
Publications: Over 230 peer reviewed publications and 40 book chapters. Edited a Nutrition book in 2018