Dr. Nilesh Mehta

Dr. Mehta is currently Director, Critical Care Nutrition, Associate Medical Director, and Director of Quality and Outcomes in the Medical Surgical ICU, Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. He is Associate Professor in Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Mehta’s clinical and research focus is on metabolic and nutritional management of critically ill children and its impact on recovery. He has led large international studies, and clinical and translational research in the field of Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition. Dr. Mehta has over 100 publications, and is the co-editor of the only textbook in this field. In 2015, Dr. Mehta received the ASPEN Stanley J. Dudrick Research Scholar Award which honors m id-career investigators who have demonstrated exceptional research productivity and the potential to continue to contribute to the field of nutrition therapy.

As an active member for 10 years, Dr. Mehta’s contribution to ASPEN includes serving as Chair of the Pediatric Malnutrition Definition Working Group, Chair of the Corporate Scientific Advisory Council, Co-Chair of the Research Workshop, Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and ASPEN, Director on the ASPEN Board of Directors, Board Liaison to the Pediatric Intestinal Failure Section and Pediatric Section, and Chair of the SCCM/  ASPEN Working Group for Pediatric Critical Care Nutrition Guidelines